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Designer Knitting Pattern Kits

Nothing's worse than embarking on a promising artistic voyage only to discover yourself woefully underprepared for the challenges ahead. If you're new to knitting or crochet, it can be hard to know where to start or what you'll need, and even virtuosos buy the wrong number of skeins from time to time. We've made it easier to get creative and stay productive without tripping over quite as many stumbling blocks along the way.

Pick a knitting project kit to start knitting and crocheting like never before. Although you'll need your own hooks and needles for many of these projects, selecting the right tools for the job is simple. Just click on one of the products for a more detailed description of what to expect. We've even gone as far as to share some of our own opinions about different items, so you can pick a project that suits your skills and desired level of involvement.

Whether you’re searching for an easy or a difficult knitting kit, planning a project shouldn't be a nightmare. Are you ready to skip the ordeal and begin creating? We're captivated by all things to do with the textile arts, and we think that you will be too after falling in love with one of the knitting pattern and wool kits here. Get started below, or reach out for direct help.

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