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When do I get free shipping? OR Why don't I get free shipping--the little truck is pictured on the item I want? Shipping is free for orders within the US, when the order totals $100 or more. The little truck just shows that the item is eligible for free shipping, not that you will get free shipping no matter what. There are some items on the website that never qualify for free shipping. These are the items that are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer and clearance merchandise.

When do you ship my order?
We ship most orders within 2 business days, and we ship almost every day the USPS is open, generally Monday through Saturday (mornings), except for US government holidays.

When can't you ship my order within 2 business days?
There are 2 circumstances which may prevent immediate shipment. The first is if one or more of the items you ordered is not in stock, or there is a dye-lot problem. In this case we will do our best to contact you right away to let you know the situation. For domestic orders, we may ship part of your order immediately, and the rest in a separate shipment at no extra expense to you. The second situation is if we are out of the store traveling to shows such as Stitches or TNNA. We always post notices about these shipping delays on the front page and also on the checkout page. We appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.

How long does it take to get to me?
If you would like to know the estimated delivery times, please visit the USPS website here. Our zip code is 86305. This will give you an estimate for how long media mail, first class, standard parcel and premium services will take to get to you. This works for those of you outside the US, too, except it does not allow for customs delays.

I live in France (Australia, the UK, Kuwait, Canada, anywhere besides the US). Why do the shipments take so long and what can be done to shorten the shipping time?
The first thing to understand is that the shipping time is predictable, but the time spent in your country's Customs service is not always predictable. Here's how it works:
First, we give your package to USPS.
Second, it goes from there to the Global Postal Service on the appropriate coast jumping-off-point, east or west.
Third, Global Postal Service delivers it to your country's incoming freight Customs. Customs is where any delay usually occurs.
Fourth, the Customs Offices turns the parcel over to your country's mail delivery agency, who brings it to you.

What to do? First, make sure your address is absolutely accurate. Second, please understand that it is the Customs officials' job of controlling imports. We try to make it obvious on the customs forms that these are goods for personal use only and small amounts that are not subject to duties. Sometimes though, packages are delayed or opened because of random sampling. This is out of our control.

Is there a tracking number?
All USPS shipping methods except for first class "flats" within the USA get a tracking number. Shipments outside the US get a customs number, which we will send you if a problem arises.

Why aren't there more shipping options, like before?
If you would like private carrier service, please contact us by email. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

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